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Customized Design

Work closely with a 500 LEVEL designer to create your customized camp shirt!  With access to 800 artists around the globe, 500 LEVEL will match you with a highly talented artist that will create a design with your vision as the blueprint.  Prices start at $6.00/shirt for a front-only print, and $7.50/shirt for a front & back print.  These customized camp shirts make for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind, and unforgettable camp experience for every participant!

We require a 3.5 weeks buffer between order creation and camp start time to provide enough time for fulfillment.  

Please fill out the below form to get the process started on creating a customized design for your camp!

**If you're ready to place your order, place them in the accompanying links for a Front-Only or a Front & Back Print**